Why Use School Passport SSO?

School Passport Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies access to various applications and services within educational environments by providing a centralized authentication process. This allows students, teachers, and administrators to conveniently access multiple applications and resources using just one set of credentials.

Using School Passport SSO is not required for School Passport applications. If SSO is not configured, users can authenticate themselves using their current personal School Passport credentials.

School Passport can behave as:

  • Stand-alone SSO Portal for Districts and Schools: Your application will be available to users as an icon in their SSO Portal.
  • Identity Provider for your application: Allows you to authenticate customers independent of the authentication mechanism that they use: Active Directory, AD FS, Google Workspace, Azure AD (Office 365), Login with LMS, Login with SIS, Kerberos, etc.
  • Embedded SSO engine for your application: Allows you to integrate SSO for one or more apps in your own application.


Here are the benefits your application users will experience with School Passport SSO:

  • School Passport gets the access token for the current application user from its authentication server. This interaction with the authentication server is invisible to the app user. It translates to getting the app access without leaving the School Passport environment.
  • After consenting to initial setup the first time, the application user can use your application without consent, even on any other device. For this reason, it offers a better user experience.
  • The application users don't need to memorize or record several passwords to access and use apps in School Passport environment.