Why Use School Passport?

One of the main goals of School Passport is to create a reliable service for data processing between both sides. School Passport offers schools the free possibility to share data with EdTech applications that are secure and compliant with privacy regulations. Data synchronization tools make sure that EdTech apps always possess the most up-to-date information. For secure, fast deployment, and updating of applications, the built-in connectors, integrations, and automation are presented within the platform.

2-way Sync functionality allows the mirroring of data between some applications through the School Passport. This means that all recently created records in one app should be instantly processed by the School Passport and returned or transferred to the other apps. All updates of existing records should be reflected in the records of the other apps.

School Passport allows a secure transfer of student rosters to authorized parties and provides the ability to:

  • Make your application available to all customers.
  • Invite new customers for your application
  • Browse the list of customers and invite them to sync the data.
  • Collect roster data information (Students, Teachers, Enrollments, Classes, Courses, Calendars, Contacts and Admins).
  • Collect data from any Data Source (SIS, LMS, etc).
  • Include combinations of multiple Data Sources at the same time.
  • Clean, merge, and browse the data and detect potential duplicates/conflicts.
  • Request, authorize, and access data.
  • Monitor the sync statistics and audit all changes.
  • Define and detect data errors and filter out data by any criteria.
  • Access the data via API or SFTP.
  • Define your own CSV format for SFTP delivery.
  • Communicate with customers directly using the platform itself.

What’s Next

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