Manage Sync

When you pause a data sync, the process of transferring and updating data between the School Passport and the application is put on hold. During this period, the new district's data will not be available for the app, and any changes or updates happening in School Passport will not automatically reflect in the app. Pausing synchronization can be temporary and may occur for various reasons, for example, technical issues or stopping the integration with a district. Upon resuming, sync continues based on the settings.

Suspend sync



Suspend sync can prevent data from being available within School Passport.

Sync pausing (suspending) is great if you want to delete an app. Use the following steps to pause sync with a district.

To suspend synchronization, navigate to the district where you want to pause sync and click Suspend Sync in the top right corner.

Resume sync

Resume district data usage by starting sync. To resume synchronization, navigate to the district and click Resume Sync in the top right corner.