Single Sign-On (SSO) Certification Guide

Follow these steps to get your SSO integration certified.

SSO integrations allow you to streamline the login process by enabling a single set of credentials for accessing School Passport and your integration. SSO Сertification determines that SSO integrated with your integration will correctly interact with School Passport.


Once you have developed your integration in the School Passport Sandbox, you may request its certification. Your integration will be verified by the GG4L Engineering Team in accordance with Certification requirements. The review process typically takes about 5 business days. Once the review is complete, you will receive an email containing your certification results and recommended next steps. If necessary, we can also schedule a call to discuss the integration in more detail.

Stage 1: Preparation for certification

Before requesting certification, review the technical requirements and eligibility qualifications that your integration must meet.

Readiness checklist

  • Create an integration in School Passport Sandbox.
  • Link users from School Passport Sandbox district to users in your system. During the certification process, we will test the SSO functionality using your sandbox district. You should provide a functional SSO example for each supported user type.
  • Test your integration.
  • Ensure that your integration meets the integration requirements.


For an integration to qualify for OneRoster API Certification, it must meet the following criteria and all the technical requirements.

  • Your integration must use the Authorization grant flow to support SSO.
  • Your integration must use all relevant data from OneRoster API.
  • Your integration must identify and match users based on their GG4L ID.
  • Your integration must provide a clear indication to users that they are logged in correctly.
  • Your integration must provide a "Log Out" button.

Stage 2: Request for certification

When your integration meets all requirements provided earlier, request certification by completing the following survey:

Certification Survey

Stage 3: Certification approval

GG4L Engineering Team will verify your request and provide you with the next steps within 5 business days.

Stage 4: Production and publishing

After your certification is approved, we will duplicate your Sandbox integration to your production environment. You will find your integration in the dropdown menu at the top of your production dashboard.