How to create a promotional banner?

Banner creates to encourage districts to use your application. When a potential customer clicks the call-to-action button in your banner, HTTP POST request gets sent to the configured Webhook URL. The potential customer data then goes directly into your target system.

Before you begin

  • Activate auto-provisioning for your application.

Create a banner

  1. Go to Application Settings > Provisioning.

  2. Select Show a promotion banner.

  3. Configure the banner details:

    • Title: Enter your banner title. For example, "Unlock new capabilities with our application".
    • Text: Enter your banner text.
    • Call-to-action button: Enter the label for the button that will trigger your webhook. This button will replace the default "Start free trial" button. For example, "Get Started Now!".
  4. Preview what the banner will look like to districts in the Application Gallery.

  5. Click Save.