How Do I Test My Integration?

To ensure that your integration meets API specifications please review and pass the test cases. If your tests are unsuccessful, email your Vendor Account Manager for assistance.

Before you begin

To help you with testing, you will be provided with:

  • Test School Passport environment with your linked application named {app name} Sandbox
  • (On demand) Test dataset
  • (On demand) Test district environment

Test environment

Run the tests using the GG4L test environment with the provided credentials.

Test environment URL:



Use only test dataset in our test environment.

Testing using School Passport sandbox environment

Set up your integration in the sandbox environment as you would with the production environment. Depending on your integration, you may need to configure your integration settings to point to the sandbox API URL and enter your credentials.

When testing your integration with School Passport, it is important to use test data to ensure that your application works properly in different scenarios. This includes checking for any Edge Cases, which are situations that may occur less frequently but are still important to test. Learn more about testing Edge Cases

Certify your integration to ensure it complies with all School Passport standards. Learn more about the Certification process

If you are unfamiliar with School Passport, follow the detailed instructions in the School Passport for Vendors to get started.

(Optional) Testing district environment

To gain a deeper understanding of School Passport functionality from the district's perspective, it's highly recommended to request access to a test district. This enables you to observe how schools interact with your application within the School Passport ecosystem.

Learn more about testing district`s environment

API testing tool

The School Passport platform provides API testing tools that allow you to build and test API calls to the OneRoster API, the SSO API, and the Events API. These tools can help you ensure that your integration is properly configured and working correctly.

Moving to production

After you have successfully tested all of the Edge Cases and API calls, you are ready to move your integration to the School Passport Production environment.

Contact your Vendor Account Manager to inform them that you have successfully tested your integration and are ready to move to production. Once moved, you will receive login credentials for the School Passport Production environment.