What is School Passport?

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any edtech application, eliminates the need to share school PII, and has easy to implement API services.

The parts of School Passport

School Passport consists of two built-in modules that work together:

  • AppStore allows schools to select and install apps for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring student progress, organizing reports, communicating with parents, and more. The AppStore also provides the ability to use third-party applications that support School Passport interaction standards.
  • Connect is a centralized interface for communicating with other systems, such as school databases, learning management information systems, and various other applications. Connect provides the ability to integrate these systems with School Passport, which helps to automate data processing and improve the efficiency of school process management.

Who uses School Passport

School Passport provides different benefits to members of your organization based on their roles.


Districts use School Passport to manage their digital learning ecosystem efficiently without the need for manual processes or spreadsheets. This helps them to quickly and accurately share data across their organization, increasing overall efficiency. For example, protect the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of students and organization staff. District Admins can also control individual attributes and manage what, where, and when data gets shared. Finally, District Admins can integrate a wide range of SIS and upload the data to School Passport Connect based on a variety of data schemas, for example, Basic Roster, IMS OneRoster 1.1, or Data API. To get started as District Admin, fill out the registration form and start the onboarding process.

Parents can use School Passport to receive information about their children's learning progress, students can access learning material and assignments, and teachers can use it to plan and organize lessons, monitor progress, and communicate with students and parents.

Application Partners

Application Partners (Vendors) use School Passport to efficiently exchange data with schools and districts for seamless integration. This allows them to easily access and share information as needed. School Passport eliminates the need for Vendor Admins to build and maintain their own integrations, reducing the time and cost associated with such processes. Vendor Admins can also use School Passport`s network of schools and districts to advertise their apps and get them in front of more users. To get started as Vendor Admin, fill out the registration form and start onboarding.