Send a Data Sharing Request for your Application

Learn how to send a request to a district for collaboration.

After importing the data into the test district, you should initiate a connection with your application to start data sharing. To do this, send a request to configure the connection as follows:

  1. Go to the Application Gallery.

  2. Find and click on your application.

  3. Click Activate.

  4. On the Data Access Consent page:

    1. Select which schools' roster data needs to be shared.
    2. (Optional) Enable PII Shield, which excludes PII data from the sharing. For details, see [Mask Personal Data with PII Shield](Mask Personal Data with PII Shield).
    3. (Optional) Select Attributes to exclude from data sharing by unchecking the corresponding checkboxes.
    4. (Optional) Add Filter Rules and add attachments.
    5. Set Expiration Time to determine how long the district's data will be accessible to your application. After this date, roster data will no longer be accessible.
    6. Accept Terms of Use/Privacy Policy.
  1. Click Request Changes.
  2. Click Send Request when prompted to review the request summary.
  3. Approve this data sharing request within your application. Upon approval, the data exchange between your testing district and the testing application will begin.