What is the Certification Process?

The School Passport Certification is a certification designed to show that an application integration has met security, resilience, and scalability standards. It assists developers in creating high-quality integrations for an excellent user experience.


School Passport Certification guarantees that an integration meets the standards and requirements of the School Passport. Certification is centered around a thorough security audit of the integration.

The integration certification process is as follows:

  1. Preparation: Read the requirements for your certification type and ensure that your integration meets these requirements. 
  2. Initiation: Submit an integration for School Passport and fill out the Certification Survey.
  3. Technical evaluation and testing: GG4L Engineering Team conducts a technical evaluation and testing of the integration.
  4. Production: If all requirements are met, you receive a School Passport Certificate, confirming that your integration meets the platform's standards.

Although certification is optional, when an integration gets certified it's signaling that it has undergone a strong security review and can be trusted with customer data. 

Why get School Passport certified?

Getting School Passport certification offers several benefits:

  • Certified solution badge 
  • Ensuring integration compatibility with School Passport
  • Technical requirements compliance
  • Reputation enhancement

Certification types

We provide three types of certifications, each with its own certification process:

Application Gallery

Application Gallery integrations allow you to incorporate integrations into the School Passport Application Gallery. Application Gallery Сertification determines that an integration provided through Application Gallery meets quality and security standards. After obtaining this certificate, your integration will be marked with a special emblem in the Application Gallery. This allows district admins to ensure that it meets all quality standards.  

Learn more about Application Gallery Certification

Single Sign-On (SSO) 

SSO integrations allow you to streamline the login process by enabling a single set of credentials for accessing School Passport and your integration. SSO Сertification determines that SSO integrated with your integration will correctly interact with School Passport.

Learn more about SSO Certification

Rostering (OneRoster API)

OneRoster API integrations allow you to pull district data into your integration if the district chooses to share it. OneRoster API Сertification determines that an integration compatible with OneRoster standards. 

Learn more about OneRoster API Certification

Certification for multiple integration types

Any combination of integration types is acceptable.

For a combination of integrationsDo this
Application Gallery and SSOSubmit certification only once.
Application Gallery and OneRoster APISubmit separate certifications for each integration type.
SSO and OneRoster APISubmit certification only once.
Any combination of integration types separatelySubmit separate certifications for each integration type.