API authorization - Client Credentials grant


Demo Credentials

Use these demo credentials to get the bearer token to test the API:

  • Client Id: app.osholnjs77mo8gy92ijgn5l23sfd
  • Client Secret: M8u4m3cqyLDrO6hpMLl2rkk2Txsl38aIWUroi52AomA=

Access token endpoint response will get you a bearer token that you can use with other endpoint calls.

The request must contain WWW BASIC authorization with client_id and client secret key in the request header: ‘Authorization’: ‘Basic {data}’, where data = Base64.encode(‘{client_id}:{client secret}’)

With client_credentials OAuth grant type, a userToken parameter should be used when invoking Passport API in the context of a specific user account (for example, to retrieve user profile details or to invoke SSO, etc). Contact GG4L for further information.

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